Friday, December 30, 2011

Seem Different Or Not ?

Am i different from other people or not ?

Yes, why? 
The answer to yes is simple. Because they do comparison between themselves and others. They will start questioning other whether it is they do the same thing or have the same thing. Then keen to ask because the desire of knowing is far much greater than the desire to ignore. It good for someone who make comparison as they might improve from it. But there always word "Compare may bring death". Getting to know something is always an option you can either choose to know or not to know. 

Let me give u a situation, if u found out that certain physical or act from yours seem to be weird. What would you do? 

1st thing they will find through all those resources to identify what it is ?
2nd they will start discussing either with family or closest friend or doctor.
3rd they will start questioning around other people by their own way.
Final, they might know the answer and there possibility the answer is wrong.

Asking would help because at least u know from someone who experience it before. That what i had in my mind. So what this bring toward different meaning? People are different in their action and thinking. Different always in experience and knowledge. So what would you guy do if you found out u are different from others

No, why?
They don't wan to explore more and know more about certain thing. In other words they totally believe and trusted themselves in matter, situation or problem occurs. I don't know whether i'm right or wrong but for those who answer no, most probably they wont even question, think or said about the matter. Decision were made instantly with highly confident due to their high level of knowledge and experience. 

There are people that follow from other. For example they follow on majority and they don't keen to follow their own thought. 

There might be a lot of reason, a lot of process and a lot of thinking in every decision making. Choose wise without following, be sure on what you need, identify the different in your way and most important never regret once decision is decided.

For myself i will choose yes because whenever i feel different or confuse i will start doing research and asking for their experience and knowledge in it. Then only i feel secure and wont regret on my last decision.

How about yours ? 

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